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Stages of Grief

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Joanneā€™s Story: The Stages of Grief ALPINE CHURCH Joanne shared about how she experienced the stages of grief with the hope that others might experience healing. The stages of grief were first identified by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross in her 1969 book On Death and Dying (Macmillan, 1991). We grieve all losses in our lives at some level. Sometimes the process moves quickly. In other cases, the grieving process moves slowly and painfully as we try to regain a solid emotional footing. Shock or Denial This is the natural emotional defense mechanism that our mind employs to protect us from something...

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Memorial One Year Anniversary Presentation

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Finding Hope and Healing beyond Tragedy

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Joanne speaks as a guest at Alpine Church. She speaks about tragedy that befell their family in 2015 and how God is using her to “do a work” through their trial. We hope you will be blessed through this message and find your path to hope and healing.  

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