Three to Six Months

First 3-6 Months Post #1

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It’s August. What happened to July? I have been feeling frightened the last few days. I am fearful that a day will come when I won’t be able to remember their faces. I am constantly looking at their pictures. I want their images burned into my brain. I can’t forget! I remember when my parents passed away. Within the first year I couldn’t remember their faces, but it didn’t bother me too much. They were my parents!  I loved them with all my heart. Their passing was a “natural order”. But this! I was supposed to have a future with my son and grandchildren. I was supposed to watch them grow up...

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3-6 Months Post 2

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  3-6 Months                                                                             Post 2  Sept. 28, 2015 My verse for today; Psalm 46 God, You are my refuge and strength. You are a very present help in times of trouble. I need Your strength today. So much has been taken from me. In the passing of Russell, Shawna, Tylee and Blake. Not only are they gone, but every moment of what their lives in the future would have brought. I feel like my world has been devastated beyond repair! BUT I know that “God is my refuge and my strength.” I don’t always “feel” it BUT I know it to be true....

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3-6 Months Post # 3

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It’s September. Still the weeks and months pass. It is unrelenting; this thing called time. Our lives have been torn apart and put on hold since June 21st, 2015. Why should time get to keep moving forward when I can’t and don’t want to? Grief just keeps its ebb and flow in my life. It flits in and out at any given time it wants to.  I understand the purpose of grief, but grieving is exhausting. It takes so much out of me. And any thought, activity, or memory can bring on grief so strongly and bring me to my knees in heart wrenching sobs.   In my grief, I often ponder about the great loss we...

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3-6 Months Post # 4 September 2015

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Autumn is just a few short days away. Leaves on the trees will start their journey to death. The evenings will become cooler. The days will become shorter as darkness comes earlier and earlier. It will become bleak, with chilling winds that go right threw me. This has become my life.  When the colder weather comes, the snow begins to fall, and the winds blow so hard it makes the snow go sideways, people tighten their winter coats around them to protect themselves against the bitter cold wind. They pick up their pace as they hurriedly seek warm shelter. When I’m feeling bleak, cold and empty...

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