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3-6 Months Post # 4 September 2015

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Autumn is just a few short days away. Leaves on the trees will start their journey to death. The evenings will become cooler. The days will become shorter as darkness comes earlier and earlier. It will become bleak, with chilling winds that go right threw me. This has become my life.  When the colder weather comes, the snow begins to fall, and the winds blow so hard it makes the snow go sideways, people tighten their winter coats around them to protect themselves against the bitter cold wind. They pick up their pace as they hurriedly seek warm shelter. When I’m feeling bleak, cold and empty...

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6-12 Months POST 3

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The future. We could not go to that place for long in our minds. A few seconds here and there was all we could manage. The future was too foggy to see past what was just in front of us at the moment. Which was, of course, the real thoughts and activities that should still be part of our “real” world. The world in which the phone would ring and it would be Russell. “Hey mom! What’s up?” “I’m going to start dinner in a few minutes. What are you up to this evening?”  “I’m umpiring two baseball games later. What are you fixing for dinner?”  “Well, we thought we’d throw some pork chops on the...

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