Life changing events. Change is hard for some. Others don’t mind it. For me it depends on what type of change it is.  Being a wife to a military husband for 24 years, I experienced numerous changes. We both were residents of Upstate New York. After he joined the Air Force and we got married, we were in for a lot of changes. We moved to our first base in Columbus, Mississippi. Then we moved again and again. Columbus, OH, Grand Forks, ND, San Antonio, TX, Clovis, NM, Lubbock, TX, Sacramento, CA, RAF Lakenheath, England, Clovis, NM, again. Then he had a remote to Guam for 13 months. When he returned we moved to Eglin AFB, FL. He retired from the AF, got a job at Hill AFB, UT and we now reside in UT. We’ve lived here 20 years now.

Marriage causes people to change and grow; hopefully for the better. Change comes again when the babies come.  More changes when they start school and graduate. Changes others go through can affect and changes us.  Jobs change. Financial security changes. Homes change as you buy and sell and buy again. Grandbabies come along. New changes and new adjustments again. Health changes. And then… tragedy.

Death. The death of our loved ones changed us, our out-look on life, our sense of security and normalcy. Even the “expected” or “saw it coming” deaths cause changes, adjustments, and trying to accept it.

The loss of our four family members changed so many aspect of our lives, and who we are. It is so frightening to process everything that would be changed in our lives and try to figure out what our “new normal” is going to be. It is overwhelming, even two years later, as we are trying to cope with everything we lost, and what we will never have again.

We have both suffered the loss of parents, siblings, and grandparents. Even good friends. But nothing compares to the loss of a child and two precious grandchildren and a daughter-in-law. Not to mention all at once.

But, for us, having God right in the very center of our lives is the only way we can get up every day and do those things that God has for us to do. He still desires that we live life abundantly. Our lives changed in a most unbelievable and incomprehensible way. It was such a tragedy that I found myself saying, “This wasn’t supposed to happen to us!! These types of situations happen to other people!” But here we are, alive and well. We choose to still live our lives in such a way that will please God and do His will. This brings us great comfort and peace because we know we will see our loved ones again. Still the grief bursts come, the dreams come, and another situation that we have to figure out how we will deal with it; without our loved ones with us.

I want you to know that as hard as some days are, we have hope for our future. We are blessed because we still have our precious daughter, two grandchildren, wonderful friends and neighbors. And the love, comfort, joy, peace of our Lord, Jesus Christ.