As I begin my first blog page I am thinking, “What am I doing?”  Webpages and blogging was never on my “want to do” list.  Yet here I am, doing what I never entertained in my mind to do. I think about that song with the lyrics, “the world doesn’t need another silly love song.”   Meanwhile, I am adding “another silly Love song”, so to speak, to the billions of others on the World Wide Web. Why are my husband and I doing it? Simply because we were led by God to do so. It is a work He, in His great mercy and love, led me to do. When our family died, our lives were forever and completely changed. If you read “Our Story” then you know how every aspect of our lives were turned upside-down. That horrible day changed us in a way that nothing else could. It is a day our minds wonder back to, only to break our hearts all over again. No. We don’t linger there. It does no good to do so. Besides, I know God STILL wants us to live life abundantly, albeit differently. A “new normal.” I have often said that I could not have gone through, and am still going through, this grieving process in a healthy way if God didn’t give me this work to do.

So, 2 years later, as I sit here, typing, I try to imagine where I would be, emotionally and mentally, if I didn’t have this Hope and Healing Ministry. It has given me something to hold on to. It has steadied my very shaky life.

I think back two years ago when our family died. We couldn’t comprehend what had happened or why. Such horror filled our lives. I had nowhere else to run except right to the loving arms of my Lord for comfort and peace. Within a matter of a few weeks, I told the Lord that this tragedy couldn’t be for nothing! I couldn’t just wake up day after day and live with the fact that our son was dead, along with our daughter-in-law, granddaughter and grandson. It was senseless and without reason. There was nothing good that would come from it. This was the most dreadful and devastating day in our lives.  No one should ever have to endure such a horrific situation such as this. So, I asked the Lord what I was supposed to do with this? How in the world could I face each day with purpose? My family and I would NEVER be able to make sense out of what happened that day.

But then God answered my prayers in a way I never saw coming. As you read our story, you’ll see just how God answered that cry for help, for hope and for healing.

God put a Scripture verse on my heart and it has become life to my heart and soul.

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you HOPE and a future.”

Our Lord is well able to turn ashes to beauty. God has, and still is, keeping that promise to me. Every day. It isn’t “easy” by any stretch of the imagination. BUT GOD is able to do a work in me and through me that only He can do. It has become a source of focus. This work keeps me focused on God and His amazing way of reaching out to me and my family. He never leaves us. We are never alone. We have a safe place to run to. Jesus is always right beside me. He comforts me when I am so sad at such a great loss. He catches me BEFORE I fall into that deep pit of despair that I was in for weeks. And understandably so. However, even at the bottom of that pit, there He sat with me, holding me in His strong arms.

Tomorrow I will share with you more about this work gave me to do. Thank you for visiting with me today. God’s blessings to you.