“Things that Matter”

How precious are those moments that we share with our families. I am so grateful the way God orchestrates events in my life in such a way that when I look back I see how blessed I was to have these moments. They were a gift from God. I feel that different events in the year before our family passed away, I was given moments that I would later say to myself, “I am so grateful that I had that moment with them.” They stirred my heart with joy and happiness. Some of my most favorite memories are those that were done in the spur of the moment. Moments when the words, “That is a great idea!  Let’s do it!” were said.

One such event was Halloween, 2014.   Tylee was 5 and Blake was 1. Shawna planned weeks in advance to find just the right costumes for the kids. She would be at the store and take pictures of different costumes, text them to Russell and ask his opinion.

On Halloween Russell and Shawna got the kids all dressed and drove them over to our home. Tylee came running up the stairs, holding her little Halloween basket saying, “Trick or Treat, Papa!” She knew Papa would dump as much candy in her basket as he could! She was so excited. Blake came up the stairs in Shawna’s arms, not quite sure what Halloween was all about. Russell was looking at all the candy being dumped into Tylee’s basket, telling her to save the “good” ones for him.

This particular night, they decided to do their “Trick or Treating” in our neighborhood. They usually took the kids back to their neighborhood. So, I decided to go with them. It was so much fun and would come to be a very precious memory!

Blake was in his little stroller as Shawna pushed him down the sidewalk. Behind them Russell was holding Tylee’s little hand and as they chatted, I listened to their conversation. Tylee was asking her Daddy what he would dress up as on Halloween when he was little. She asked him what his favorite candy was. She wanted to know if he and Aunt Rhonda had Halloween parties.  She asked how late would he stay up on Halloween night. I smiled at the answers Russell gave her, as I relived those times in my mind.

I watched Tylee hold Blake’s hand as they walked up to doors and rang doorbells. It was so cute when Tylee came back to Mommy and Daddy to show them the candy they got. I didn’t want the evening to end.

I think of that night often and I am so grateful I was able to share that Halloween night with my dear family.

God is a personal God. He cares about every aspect of my life. In so many ways He makes Himself real to me. His Spirit tells my heart that everything is going to be okay. Even when I feel sad my soul is happy because my joy is knowing He loves me. I am so thankful my God gives me wonderful memories to think about, little signs that my loved one are okay, and I know I will see them again.