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3-6 Months Post 2

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  3-6 Months                                                                             Post 2  Sept. 28, 2015 My verse for today; Psalm 46 God, You are my refuge and strength. You are a very present help in times of trouble. I need Your strength today. So much has been taken from me. In the passing of Russell, Shawna, Tylee and Blake. Not only are they gone, but every moment of what their lives in the future would have brought. I feel like my world has been devastated beyond repair! BUT I know that “God is my refuge and my strength.” I don’t always “feel” it BUT I know it to be true....

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Faith and Grief Post 4

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A relationship with Jesus is a personal journey. To be able to run to Him in the face of unbearable tragedy is the result of spending time with the God who loves us completely. Reading and meditating daily in Scripture, prayer and Bible study are some of the most rewarding ways to come to know Who God is and His promises to us. James 4:8 “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” (NKJV) I find a promise in the passage; If we draw near to God, His promise is that He will draw near to us.  Why does He ask us to draw near to Him? First and foremost, He loves us. But I think back through...

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6-12 Months Post 2

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September 9, 2015 Jesus, You are my Comforter, my helper – my very present help in time of need. You are helping me to push through and face each day. “In God, I make my boast all day long and I will praise Your Name forever.” Psalm 44.  I cannot understand why You allowed this to happen, but, You are my “hope and stay.” I still trust You. Lord, I feel defeated a lot lately! Sometimes I feel like I’m going crazy! Too many thoughts in my head at once. None of them making any sense at all. Sometimes I feel absolutely broken. Like a glass vase, slammed down to the ground with such force, I know...

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Coping with Grief Post 2

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  Coping with Grief                          Post 2 I found grief to be disorderly, disruptive, and distorting. My grief was so profound and rooted so deeply into the very fabric of my being. It was who I’d become. Grief wasn’t a straight line getting me from point A to point B, slow and steady, and that would be the end of it. It was a line that had no rhyme or reason. Circles of confusion. Spirals spinning downward so fast and out of control. Jagged lines, smooth at first, then a sharp point that pierced my heart. Even when a second in time left me feeling like that intense pain had...

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The First Few Months.” Post 5

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The First Few Months.”                                           Post 5   Pain and grief. Such companions! They are my companions. Unwelcomed companions because of the reason they have become so. Life has continued around me. Time has become my enemy because it takes me farther and farther away from where I want to be! Where I desperately need to be! Which is, of course, the last time I saw my loved ones. I was told that times heals all wounds! I hated hearing that! It would never heal. A broken bone heals. A cut heals. A child’s “boo-boo” heals! A heart that has been smashed into tiny...

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