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After the First Year Post-1 June 2016

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  After the First Year                                                           June 21, 2016 A year has passed. A year of “firsts”. It has been a year of anxiety and fear. A year of deep sadness, confusion, anger, depression, worry, darkness, and loneliness. A year of questions that were never answered. A year that completely changed a part of who we were, personally. I was told, “You’ve changed. You aren’t as funny as you were a year ago,” I wanted to reply, “Really? Mmmm. I wonder why.” A year where dreams died. Futures were taken. Potential stolen. A year where we took stock of all...

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Blessings Part-3

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Blessings    Part-3 August 8th, 2015 Saturday. In my quiet time this morning I found myself softly smiling. Today I decided to sit at the table on the porch with my morning cup of coffee and my Bible. I love the quiet, early morning hours and the fresh smell of the outdoors. Of course, my thoughts always take me to my Russell, Shawna, Tylee and Blake. I was sipping my coffee and just breathing in the new morning. I was looking at the mountains towards the east and a soft breeze came up. I suddenly heard a buzzing noise right next to my right ear. I sat perfectly still, hoping if I did so I...

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