I work for Lockheed Martin, doing weapons integration on the F-16 fighter aircraft.  Lockheed’s policy of bereavement is usually 3-5 days depending on the location of the funeral.  My immediate Lockheed supervisor worked/pushed HR department to allow four weeks of bereavement due to the horrific tragedy.  It was approved for the full four weeks. Thank you, God.  I knew I could not return to work for 3-4 weeks because I was only partially functioning.  Even when I did return to work it was extremely hard to stay focused.  My government bosses were very supportive and tried to take away the pressures that come with the job.  I had two coworkers that took over all my travel for business commitments for the first six months.  Sometimes traveling 3-4 weeks in a row, never complaining about the extra travel and work.  I’m so thankful that they were patient and understanding.