“Blessings” Part 1


We have been so blessed during this most difficult time. Even in the midst of such great loss, we have found reasons to praise God. 

Our neighbors, Dave and Connie, opened their home up to not only Larry, Rhonda, and I but to our friends and family! They took care of all the food and cooking. They screened my phone calls. They watched our house across the street and if anyone stopped by they asked who they were. Then they asked if we were up to having them visit. They made sure I got the rest I needed. Dave and another friend, Steve, stayed right by Larry’s side and help him with all the funeral aspects that needed to be done.

 A handful of people were on the “airport run” list as family flew in from back east.  They didn’t care how many times they had to drive to Salt Lake City Airport. Dave and Connie opened their RV so some of our family could stay there as our guest rooms got full at our house. Even after we were able to stay at our home, Dave and Connie had all the meals at their house. And that is where everyone hung out. It became our safe haven and a place to gather with friends and family. 

I was so tired one afternoon and was falling asleep on the couch. Steve’s wife, Cathy stopped by and came with me to the bedroom so I could rest. She didn’t want me to be alone. Cathy saw my prayer book on the bedside table and once she made sure I was tucked in and comfortable, she knelt on her knees beside the bed, opened my prayer book and prayed softly and calmly out loud. It lulled me to sleep. Every time I woke up, Cathy was still there, kneeling beside me, praying. An hour went by and there she remained. Connie came into the room, saw Cathy kneeling there and pulled up a chair for her to sit in. About half an hour longer, I woke up and was ready to get up. I thanked God for my dear friend. I thanked Him that she stayed there and prayed for over an hour, never leaving my side.