“Now What Continued”?  

That terrible night we lost our family and returned home, our dear friends and neighbors, opened their home to us. I remember pulling into our driveway, getting out of the truck, walking up to the front door and freezing! I told my husband, Larry, that I could not go in the house! I couldn’t look at all their pictures I had hanging up on the walls! I couldn’t stand it!   

Connie, our neighbor, wrapped her arm around me as we walked across the road to their home. Her husband, Dave, stayed with Larry and he went in our house. He had to get our toiletry bags and pajamas and clothes for the next day. 

The tears just kept coming as we sat at their kitchen table. It was well past midnight and we were exhausted and in shock. Suddenly, I thought of our precious daughter, Rhonda, who had no idea what had taken place in the past few hours. I felt sick to my stomach. How in the world would we tell her Russell, Shawna, Tylee, and Blake had all died? She was at her apartment, in bed, sound asleep. She would be up in a few hours to get ready to go to work at the day care, where Shawna worked and where Tylee, and Blake attended. I knew it would be all over the news and my fear was she would see it on the news before we could get to her! My heart ached so bad for her. 

I ran to the Lord. He was the only One that could comfort her and give her inner strength. “My dearest Jesus! Help us!”, I cried out. “Rhonda will need You like she has never needed You before! Be our refuge, a strong fortress to save us. You are our strength You have taken notice of our great distress and terrible affliction. Please put Your loving, comforting arms around my Rhonda.” 

Dave and Larry went to Rhonda’s apartment early the next morning and as gently as they could, told her what happened. They drove her back to Dave and Connie’s house and she came in, fell on the couch next to me and cried her heart out. In time, she quieted down and we sat in silence, holding each other. 

Our God quieted our hearts and bottled all our tears. He was our strength and we clung to Him.