Bryan & Tracy
What Is Grief?

Grief means deep sadness. It’s usually connected to the loss of someone important in your life. Grief has many
facets. It is complicated, long lasting, and unpredictable. Grief is very individual. No two people do it alike.
H. Norman Wright wrote a great book called Experiencing Grief. In the book he describes grief to be like a wave.
The process and emotions of grief build over time like the stirring of the sea. Then, in an unexplained moment, you
are overcome with emotion. It comes with force, much like a wave crashing to shore. It’s triggered by a song,
memory, smell, or another person. It doesn’t matter. It happens when it happens and it’s intense. Even though it may
not be comfortable or may seem uncharacteristic for you, it is a normal response.
Grief is not meant to be done alone. You need people to hug you when you’re sad and people to help remember all
that you loved about the person you lost. Recalling memories is one of the best remedies for grief.