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Stages of Grief

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Joanne’s Story: The Stages of Grief ALPINE CHURCH Joanne shared about how she experienced the stages of grief with the hope that others might experience healing. The stages of grief were first identified by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross in her 1969 book On Death and Dying (Macmillan, 1991). We grieve all losses in our lives at some level. Sometimes the process moves quickly. In other cases, the grieving process moves slowly and painfully as we try to regain a solid emotional footing. Shock or Denial This is the natural emotional defense mechanism that our mind employs to protect us from something...

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“ The First Few Months” “Now What?” July 2015 Post 1

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  “Now What?”   The sudden, unexpected and shocking death of our son, Russell, daughter-in-law, Shawna, granddaughter, Tylee, and grandson, Blake, was like an amputation of a huge part of my heart; even a part of who I am.  Grief disrupts so many aspects of life.  One early morning, I went out to our patio and thought of my loved ones. I pictured each one of them. I recalled the sound of their laughter and voices. I remembered their facial expressions and smiles. I reminisced about trips we took together, special events we did around the holidays and birthdays. I suddenly became so...

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“ The First Few Months Now What?” July 2015 Post 2

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 “Now What Continued”?   That terrible night we lost our family and returned home, our dear friends and neighbors, opened their home to us. I remember pulling into our driveway, getting out of the truck, walking up to the front door and freezing! I told my husband, Larry, that I could not go in the house! I couldn’t look at all their pictures I had hanging up on the walls! I couldn’t stand it!    Connie, our neighbor, wrapped her arm around me as we walked across the road to their home. Her husband, Dave, stayed with Larry and he went in our house. He had to get our toiletry bags and...

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“WHY” Larry’s Story First Night Jan 27, 2017

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“WHY” Larry’s Story                                                                                        Jan 2017   After getting through a restless night of sleep the first night, I got up feeling very confused and extremely sadden.  Connie, our neighbor, offered me something eat, but I said” No Thanks”.  I was nauseous at the thought of food and did not eat for three days. I just drank water and juices.  After three days, I would nibble on food, but became nauseous.  Sleep was so foreign.  I only dozed off and on during the night.  As I thought about this terrible tragedy, I...

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Death and the Christian

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  Scott Creps  Alpine Church Death and the Christian Death is a challenge. It is one of the most unpleasant aspects of life in this world. But Christians can have hope in the face of death. This is because Jesus has defeated death through his cross and resurrection.  Thinking rightly about death As Christians, we should think rightly about death. Death is the enemy. It is not to be celebrated or embraced as somehow natural. Death is the result of sin. However, because of Jesus, Christians can have hope in the face of death. Jesus has defeated sin and death through his cross and...

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